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Wrinkle Treatment

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As is well known by now, people lose their hormone levels as they age which translates into constant fatigue, weight gain, muscle tone and bone density loss, as well as an overall appearance of aging.

The human pituitary gland that produces growth hormone utilizes essential amino acids as building blocks. The capacity to produce this growth hormone slows down due to lack of availability of the major amino acids due to inhibitory hormones like somatostatin and the lack of availability of these essential amino acids. In other terms, lack of blood level availability of these essential amino acids hinders the production of HGH.

People tend to utilize synthetic HGH injections which could run into several thousands of dollars per injection.  Others try to supplement these amino acids by oral ingestion.

Basic medical knowledge is obvious to predict that ingestion of amino acids will break down and hydrolyze these huge molecules into components that are eliminated and never reconstituted as a higher blood level of these acids.


We have developed through scientific and mathematical studies backed by publications an exclusive mechanism by which we can transport these essential amino acids through the skin membrane into an elevated blood level necessary to stimulate the pituitary gland into overdrive production of superior levels of HGH.

At the same time, increased levels of L-arginine will inhibit the production of somatostatin. As such, it leads to a boost of nitric oxide necessary to increase and widen blood vessels that help deliver more oxygen and nutrients to muscles. The increasing of cysteine level will protect muscle and skin from oxygen free radicals and oxidative damage to muscle and skin. This phenomenon is translated into anti-aging visible change like reduced double chin, more hydrated and younger facial look.

L-glutamine reduces dementia and boosts the immune system and helps in loss of weight.

The mechanism of transport utilized is a proprietary mechanism developed through radio-active uptake of fatty acids through skin and mucosal membranes. Our research has shown that this process is a steady, persistent and a long process to achieve a result that can be appreciated. Other methods promoted do not have any scientific or clinical research behind it.

We have undertaken the development of a full line of products that used together will accomplish the desired levels of HGH.

People believe that these levels are easy to achieve but in reality, they are produced in PICO levels within the pituitary gland.





These products developed are:

  1. Body soap bar
  2. Face liquid soap
  3. Daily face serum
  4. Daily face lotion
  5. Daily Face cream with natural SPF
  6. Nightly face serum
  7. Nightly face cream

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