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One of women’s greatest foes is aging that comes in wrinkles, eye pouches, dark circles and takes the beauty away. Try our eye massage tool to help you get rid of those pesky wrinkles. Whether wrinkles are already deeply present on your face or the first signs of them just appeared, After 3-4 weeks or less, fine lines and puffiness are visibly reduced and the area under your eyes appears significantly younger.

Functions :

Eliminates Wrinkles- Increase circulation and oxidizes the skin to provide collagen to the face.

Relieves Dark Circles, eye fatigue and Puffiness- Gently massage under-eye puffiness and dark circles for renewed, refreshed eyes, relax your eyes deeply.

Make skin care product maximize absorption – Rejuvenate dull, tired, dry skin. Improve appearance of scars, blemishes. Make skin smoother.

Perfect for eye area. It can also be used on the brow, forehead and lip areas.


1. This item use 1xAAA battery (not included).Please install correctly according to polarity mark in battery compartment.

2. Don`t wash it in water. Clean the massage head with towel or tissue after use.

3. Please take out battery if not used for a long time.

4. Please keep out of reach of children. Specifications: Temperature: 42℃±3℃ Operating Voltage: DC1.5V, 1 X AAA battery (not included) Package List: 1) 1x Eye Massage 2) 1x User Manual

Additional information

Dimensions 6.2 x 1.9 x 2.7 in


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